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  • Recording History

  • Recording History

    Recording History

Band Members

  • Clovis Hitson

    Clovis Hitson

    Clovis moved to Nashville in the mid-seventies from his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. He & Chris met when he walked into the Old Time Pickin’ Parlor one day, picked up a guitar and began to sing. The two young musicians, one from New York, one from Alabama had instant chemistry and decided almost immediately to work together as a writing team.

    A soulful southern singer, writer and guitar player, he brought creative musicianship to the Drmls.

    A restless creative person, Clovis left the band in 1984 to pursue other musical interests. In recent years he was performing and writing in Greenville, South Carolina, and sadly, passed away in his sleep in 2015. He is survived by a wife and two grown children. He was a devoted loving husband and father. His family and friends loved him and his music and we respectfully honor his contribution to the Drmls.

  • Dan Cook

    Dan Cook

    Dan Cook was born in Vadala, India, the son of medical missionaries, and has lived abroad, as well as in Boston and Philadelphia.

    He graduated from The University of The South in Sewanee, Tennessee with a degree in Mathematics and Fine Arts.

    Two years after moving to Nashville, he joined The Drmls in 1980, working with them until 1990, writing, recording and performing in one of the first acts to play all original music in the Nashville club scene.

    In 1991 he had his first son, Grant Hale Cook. At this point he went on extended sabbatical from his musical efforts and focused on raising his son. Lightning struck again in 1995, Austin Daniel Cook was born, making the father role twice as much fun!

    In 2005, Grant came to Dan and said he wanted a set of drums for Christmas, and bought Dad a new Ampeg bass amp for Christmas 2006. He then brought some players from school and forced Dan to pull out the bass and the renaissance was underway…

    Since then Dan has revived his songwriting and performing as a bass player, guitarist, and singer, in several groups.

    If you come to Nashville on a Thursday night you can see him play with the illustrious Americana style “Thursday Night Band” at the legendary venue; Brown’s Diner, on the same corner since 1927.

    Otherwise you might catch him playing with his favorite “loud band”, affectionately known as “Chickens for Whiskey”, at some very hot Nashville venues such as The Five Spot or The Basement, doing some high energy, sophisticated, stylized tunes, with a new edge and attitude.

    Dan has been very fortunate with his many musical associations playing with some of the finest musicians currently in Nashville.

  • Chris Camp

    Chris Camp

    Chris grew up in the New York City area during a most exciting time in popular music, the 1960’s. From a musical family, he learned to play the guitar from his father and the piano from his mother. Playing in bands throughout high school and college, he developed a love for writing and performing original music.

    He moved to Nashville after college, taking a job at Randy Wood’s Old Time Picking Parlor, a mecca for live music, musical instrument construction and repair. It was there that he met Clovis Hitson. With their mutual love of music and songwriting, they partnered and formed the Drmls in 1980.

    In 1990 he moved to California where he lives today and owns his own business specializing in musical instrument restoration and studio production. He has recorded and produced dozens of records for independent artists and is releasing his first solo album in 2017 on the Windmar Music Label.

  • Silver Taylor

    Silver Taylor

    Silver Taylor was touring with Chuck Berry when he met with the Drmls in a local bar in Nashville in late 1980. He wanted to be a part of an all original, creative act and spend more time at home in Nashville with his family.

    Silver wanted to push the limits of his playing and his image as a part of the group and the Drmls were a perfect fit.

    Cloaked in all silver clothing, silver paint on his face and an entirely silver drum kit, he was a big hit with the fans when they hit the club scene shortly after he joined the band.

    Silver played drums on the very first recording with the Drmls at the Rock House with both Chuck Ainlay and David Cherry Engineering in a converted house on 18th Avenue South. This recording is entirely live without any overdubs.

    Shortly afterward he was lured back out on the road and had to excuse himself from the band.

    He remains an honored friend and alumnus to this day.

  • Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen

    In 1985 when the Drmls were looking for a new lead singer, Dan Cook suggested his old friend and former bandmate Jeff Allen.

    A native of Memphis Tennessee, Jeff grew up singing in church with his grandfather’s congregation and was profoundly influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and the local blues singers in Memphis.

    Jeff was a perfect fit bringing well-crafted, high energy vocals to the new material and revised direction of the band. He fronted the band on their 1986 release SpaceTime.

    Jeff went on to perform all over the USA and on television as bandleader for legendary country artist Tanya Tucker and in Las Vegas with his own band.

    In recent years Jeff has triumphed as one of Nashville’s premiere background vocalists and demo singer.

    His voice has been heard on over 200 recordings for some of Music City’s most notable writers and publishers. He continues to perform throughout the Mid-South and is continuing his education and career in technology as well.

  • Mark Seymour

    Mark Seymour

    Mark Seymour is a talented musician, percussionist and lover of music and life. He played drums with the Drmls for a period of a year replacing Kirby Shelstad. Mark appeared live and recorded with the band and can be heard on the song, “The Illusion” on The Drmls Have Landed.

    Today Mark is well known music educator, teaching children and adults about music and “the beat of life”. Visit his website to learn more about a great guy with a great big loving heart.

    Check out Mark's website here
  • Kirby Shelstad

    Kirby Shelstad

    In 1979 Kirby moved to Nashville where he became known as a respected studio musician and dynamic performer.

    After Silver Taylor left the Drmls, Kirby who was friendly with the band stepped in and for about a year played live with the band and recorded with them on several of their most memorable selections, some of them can be heard on The Drmls Have Landed.

    As he was a founding member of another acclaimed Nashville rock band, The Nerve, his tenure with the Drmls was short lived. The Nerve and The Drmls appeared live on the same bill several times during the early 1980’s.

    Kirby went on to establish himself as an award winning composer, performer and clinician.

    You owe it to yourself to visit his website and learn more about this talented and accomplished musician. The Drmls loved working with Kirby and owe a debt of gratitude to him for his contribution to their live shows and recordings.

Engineers Studio Musicians & Support Personnel

  • David Ferguson

    David Ferguson

    David “Ferg” Ferguson as he is known to his friends actually got his start in the music industry because of the Drmls.

    Ferg’s first job was as roadie and equipment manager for the Drmls. This led to his association with legendary producer and owner of the Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa, Jack Clement.

    Jack took Ferg under his tutelage and gave him the opportunity to learn the art of recording and the ins and outs of the music industry.

    When “Cowboy” Jack was out of town Ferg would bring the Drmls into the studio to demo their new songs and become more skilled at the art of recording. Ferg worked on the original demos of: Livin’ In the Ultra-Modern World, Everyday Girls in Space and Leaving Your World Behind, which would go on to appear on the SpaceTime album.

    Ferg would go on to enjoy a close personal and professional relationship with the late, legendary Johnny Cash, recording with him during the last ten years of his life, during one of his most prolific periods, earning several Grammy’s and worldwide acclaim.

    A talented singer in his own right, David has two wonderful albums of his own, Fergie and the Steelheads, and a Solo Album as well. He has toured all over Europe and is the co-owner of the Butcher Shoppe Recording Studio in Nashville, along with legendary singer/songwriter, John Prine.

  • Rich Adler

    Rich Adler

    Rich, “mIx” Adler is a world class recording and mixing engineer. Another incredible connection for the Drmls forged by their association with “Cowboy” Jack Clement and the Cowboy Arms.

    Rich’ credentials and his depth of knowledge in the art of recording makes him a legend in his own right.

    Rich was mixing for Jack when he caught wind of the Drmls sneakin’ into the studio late at night with David Ferguson and Jack “stack-a-track” Groshmal. Rich was eager to get involved with the band and the band was immediately excited about adding Rich to the team.

    He would go on to be integrally involved in the recording, mixing and production of the album, SpaceTime, working with the band on many of the tracking and mixing sessions.

    A really fun guy to be in the studio with, the Drmls agree with countless others that their record wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Today he is a revered member of the recording community and actively running his own production facility in the greater Nashville area.

  • Chuck Ainlay

    Chuck Ainlay

    Shortly after graduating from Belmont College in Nashville, the Drmls stumbled on Chuck a few doors down from their headquarters on 18th Ave. south building “the Rock House” recording studio. Shortly afterward, Chuck engineered the very first Drml recordings of “Teenage Queenie” and “The Tables Have Turned”.

    A year later Chuck was engineering at the “Sound Lab” (another legendary Nashville hit factory), just down the street on Grand Avenue and the Drmls teamed up with him once again to record “Tell Me” and “Survival Race/Universe”.

    A short while later, at the Sound Stage, Chuck mixed four more songs for the Drmls,” Love Will Set You Free”, “We’ve Got Our Love”, “New World Airlines”, and “Love Can’t Wait”, (while legendary Country Artist, Conway Twitty slept on the couch in the lounge.)

    Chuck’s engineering and production talents were a great asset to the band. The recordings & mixes themselves speak to his talent.

    Now a multi Grammy award winning engineer and producer, Chuck was one of the nicest, warm-hearted and sincere talents the Drmls had the honor of working with. We credit him with a memorable contribution to the sound of the band.

    Chuck’s accomplishments are amazing and so is he,

  • Mike Bradley

    Mike Bradley

    Producer John Shulenberger saw the Drmls playing in one of the clubs, and invited them to the Famous Sound Shop Recording studio to cut a few live demos for his review.

    As luck would have it the band was recorded by a great engineer Mike Bradley. The tracks Mike recorded were all live in the studio with no overdubs. Several of the songs on The Drmls Have Landed, including the lead-off track on the album, “Teenage Queenie” (a fan favorite) were done that Saturday afternoon.

    A cherished recording, the Drmls tip their hat to John & Mike for giving us a great live sound and a memorable collection of early Drml tunes recorded and mixed by them.

    We never forgot you guys, Thanks A Million.

  • Bil VornDick

    Bil VornDick

    When producer Ken Laxton wanted to record vocals with the Drmls, he brought them straight over to Star Gem Recording Studios to work with Bil VornDick. An incredibly talented and accomplished artist in his own right, Bil recorded several of the lead and background vocals that you’ll hear on The Drmls Have Landed.

    Although the band only had that one opportunity to work with Bil he continued to be a reference for other engineers the band worked with, as the phrase, give us the “VornDick sound” was used to describe the quality of recording that they experienced with Bil.

    If you visit Bil’s website you will understand why he’s been the go-to guy for some of the biggest names in music and established himself as a legend in Nashville. Thanks Bil, we never forgot you.

  • Harry Stinson

    Harry Stinson

    Harry Stinson is one of the finest people on the planet and one of the best musicians anywhere. Nashville is so fortunate to have him and so is everyone who gets the chance to work with him. Thanks to the Drmls friendship with LA hit songwriter Wendy Waldman who introduced them, the Drmls had the good fortune to have Harry play drums on most of the SpaceTime Album.

    A gifted singer, writer and producer, you will be in awe of Harry when you learn more about him. His bio is amazing and he is a superstar. (Thanks Wendy!!) (she’s great too.)

    As a founding member of Marty Stuart’s band the Fabulous Superlatives, you can see Harry playing drums and singing on the Marty Stuart Show, which by-the-way is terrific and I watch it every week on RFD TV.

    Don’t miss the chance to familiarize yourself with this great talent, we were so fortunate to work with him.

  • David Humphries

    David Humphries

    David Humphries was on the cutting edge of digital drums when they first appeared in the 80’s. The Drmls were quick to enlist his help in creating a modern drum sound for the album SpaceTime. He did a great job! He also contributed live percussion on the album.

    A brilliant guy with a sophisticated sense of humor and a terrific live drummer, Dave’s credits in Nashville are substantial.

    Perhaps his most unique accomplishment is founding the David Humphreys Orchestra in 1989.

  • Jim Photoglo

    Jim Photoglo

    A highly acclaimed singer/songwriter with a great voice, The Drmls were fortunate to have Jim contribute background vocals to the SpaceTime album on songs like “Livin’ In the Ultra-Modern World”.

    You should definitely take a listen to him and catch him live if you get the chance.

    With a terrific sense of humor and a great impersonator, Jimmy can also cook up a storm.

  • Alan Messer

    Alan Messer

    Music Row was a buzz in the eighties and The Drmls had the great fortune of being friends and neighbors with legendary British photographer Alan Messer.

    As Alan loves things, “out of the ordinary” and of course colorful & rockin’ we’re proud to say he loved the Drmls.

    During the very first year of MTV, the Drmls teamed up with Alan and created the “We’ve Got Our Love” video to submit to the exciting new music network for the very first ever Basement Tapes.

    During the shooting of the video he and another super talent, Coley Coleman shot some of the stills you’ll see on the site. The band did several showcases in Alan’s studio on Lower Broadway as well.

    You must look at Alan’s work and read about his history, it will blow your mind.

    Thanks Alan, you were right, you’re a genius.!!

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Burt Elliott

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