• The Drmls Have Landed
  • The Drmls Have Landed

  • The Drmls Have Landed

    The Drmls Have Landed

The Drmls Have Landed is a collection of recordings by one Nashville’s favorite Art Rock bands of the 1980’s.

Between the years 1980-1984 the Drmls recorded their original music in some of the best and most historical recording studios. From the Rock House, The Sound Shop, Music City Music Hall, The Sound Lab, Stargem, The Shook Shack, and The Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa the band created recordings with the help of talented legendary engineers and producers.

Now for the first time ever these recordings are available to listeners all over the world. They were created before the advent of widespread digital recording, before the appearance of digital keyboards and drum machines. This is the music of a four piece guitar band, recording together on the revered 2” analog 24 track tape format. Considered to this day to be a gold standard for sound and sonic appeal, the mixes were transferred from the original ¼” & ½” inch masters to today’s format without reconstruction or digital enhancement.

Each song contains an emotional reaction to the topics of the day or a vision for the future. Recall at time when bands were in it for the music, the expression and the fun of singing and playing together, because, “We’ve Got Our Love, Come Whatever”.

Get the story on each song on The Drmls Have Landed

  • Teenage Queenie

    • The first selection from the Drmls, “Live at the Sound Shop”, on Division Street, in Nashville, (circa 1981), just down the street from the old Country Music Hall of Fame, and across the street from Shoney’s Big Boy.
    • Clovis Sings lead, live no overdubs
    • Mike Bradley, Engineer, John Shulenberger producing.

    Writer’s Comments: What has become of those first loves? Seems we never forget them. They continue into our futures as memories and we sometimes wonder what might have been. And yes, you were the Queen of my universe. Where are you today?

  • When You’re on the Outside Lookin’ In

    • Another selection from the Sound Shop sessions
    • Chris sings lead
    • Mike Bradley, Engineer, John Shulenberger producing.

    Writers’ comments: Everything is not as it appears to be. Stay out of harm’s way by staying away from things, especially dark souls whose glitter is the fools gold that will attempt to lure you away from the light.

  • Tell Me

    • One of the first recordings from the “Sound Lab”, at Grand Ave, on Music Row. (August 1981). The Sound Labs logo featured a reel of tape fluttering into a vinyl 45 rpm record. The band is still 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals.
    • Dan Sings Lead
    • Chuck Ainlay, Engineer, The Drmls producing.

    Writers’ comments: Everybody knows when things aren’t right in their relationships. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on the problem. A plea for an answer that is sometimes hard to get, and sometimes hard to give.

  • Survival Race-Universe

    • A medley of two fan favorites. A part of the “Sound Shop” collection.
    • Clovis sings lead and the band transitions with a creative guitar motif between the selections.
    • Mike Bradley, Engineer, John Shulenberger producing.

    Writers’ comments: Everyday we’ve got to keep on runnin’ in the race of our lives, and can we not hope to live in a better world, in a Universe free from all the hurt and pain? The Drmls combined several short songs into medley’s this was the most popular.

  • The Tables Have Turned

    • Also recorded Live at the Sound Shop (Feb. 1981).  Set up time for these recordings couldn’t have been more that an hour or two, before it was lights, camera, action.!! There are no overdubs here.
    • Chris sings lead
    • The band starts to really arrange the lead guitar parts and orchestrate the arrangement.
    • Mike Bradley, Engineer, John Shulenberger producing.

    Writers’ comments: You are under someone’s boot, they’re calling the shots. You muster the strength of your convictions and self respect and all of a sudden you’re confident and taking control of the situation. You’re no longer afraid of the consequences.

  • Love Will Set You Free Tonight

    • Recorded at “Music City Music Hall” in July 1982. The Drmls stepped into one of the biggest, most well respected studios on Music Row, in the old RCA building on 17th Ave. So. And mixed at the Sound Stage by Chuck Ainlay, (while Conway Twitty slept on the couch in the lounge)
    • Clovis sang lead
    • The melodies and the arrangements get stronger. A Vox electric 12-string guitar was played by Chris. Strong background vocals and a driving beat are rockin’ in the early 1980’s.
    • David DeBusk, Engineer, the Drmls with assistance from Ken Laxton producing.

    Writers’ comments: “you’re tired of losing”, I don’t blame you and I understand. Give what is developing between us a try, you’ll see tonight how it could be, our love will set you free.

  • New World Airlines

    • Recorded at the Sound Lab in November 1981, the track wasn’t completed until overdubs were finished in the winter of 1983, and would be mixed in the spring of 1983 at the Sound Stage. Engineering was handled by Chuck Ainlay.
    • Once again 30 years ahead of their time, the Drmls write a jingle for the first intergalactic commercial airline, “New World Airlines”.
    • Clovis sang lead & Chris played the futuristic sounding lead guitar solo.

    Writers’ comments: The Drmls, looking forward envisioned a day when everyone would travel in space. And New World Airlines would entertain the passengers en route to destinations across the heavens.

  • The Illusion

    • The only time the Drmls recorded at The Shook Shack, the band recorded one of it’s most haunting songs in the winter of 1982 on the 16 track 2” format. Located on 18th Ave. South, down the street from Drmls HQ, the Shook Shack was owned and operated by popular studio guitar ace Jerry Shook.
    • Colin Walker engineered and Mark Seymour joined them again on drums.

    Writers’ comments: Always looking to create an air of mystery to compliment meaningful and sometimes haunting lyrics, The Illusion speaks to the importance of knowing who you are and how much you matter.

  • We’ve Got Our Love, come whatever

    • Originally tracked at Music City Music Hall in July of 1982, the band took the 2” Multi-track master to the Sound Lab in January of 1983.
    • David DeBusk had cut the basic tracks at the Music Hall & Chuck Ainlay completed the overdubs, and would later mix the song along with several others at the Sound Stage.
    • We’ve Got Our Love would become the first full length music video and is available for viewing on their website.

    Writers’ comments: The Drmls vision for spreading a message of unity and love is echoed in the lyrics to this song. Catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo. The group would record the song again a few years later with new added lyrics and a different groove for the album SpaceTime.

  • Dead Heat

    • The final selection from the Sound Shop sessions. This is another completely live recording. A very important song in the Drmls live show, a strong global political statement.
    • Mike Bradley, Engineer, John Shulenberger producing.

    Writers’ comments: In the 1980’s global Nuclear destruction was still on the minds of many. In this song, the Drmls took the position of outsiders viewing the behavior of the nations of Planet Blue self-destructing and leaving a burned out rock orbiting with the other lifeless planets. A stern warning not to let it happen.

  • Love Can’t Wait

    • Another selection that started in the summer of 1982 at Music City Music Hall, and was finished when the Drmls returned to the Sound Lab in the winter of 1983.
    • David DeBusk cut the tracks, Chuck Ainlay finished the overdubs and later mixed the song at the Sound Stage.

    Writers’ comments: the band was looking for a passionate song of urgent desire, hot, with hot guitars punctuating the sentiment of the lyrics. Love Can’t Wait, a youthful feeling that can’t be settled down when two hearts collide.