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SpaceTime, written, recorded & mixed in Nashville from 1984 to 1986, and originally released on Vinyl & Cassette in 1986 is now available 30 years later in digital format. This album of original material connects the sound and soul of the Eighties with light-hearted, yet meaningful lyrics conveying the Drmls message of one planet, one race, the Human Race.

Listeners, industry professionals and critics used to say, “The Drmls will never make it, they’re too far ahead of their time”. Well, they were only half right, the Drmls succeeded in making music together, making listeners happy and satisfying artist intentions, and now, thirty years later, are right on time.

Listen to the lyrics from “Livin’ In the Ultra-Modern World”, a predictive fun tune that describes just how life has evolved today. Tumble in the clouds with the hypnotic sound of “Into the Dreamlight”.

Songs from the twentieth century that you can sing along with and enjoy from a new vantage point in the twenty-first century, the Drmls are still ready to Rock You Down.

Get the story on each song on the Drmls album SpaceTime

  • We’ve Got Our Love, come whatever

    • When Jeff Allen came on board to handle the lead vocals, writers, Chris Camp & Dan Cook re-tooled this selection, adding new lyrics to the verses and slowing the tempo
    • After basic tracking at both the 1030 Music Group, with engineer John Wilde and the Treasure Isle Recording Studios, with Rocky Schnaars engineering, this track found it’s legs when Rich Adler joined the team and the band returned to Jack Clement’s Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa.
    • Dave Humphries added triggered snares to the original drum groove laid down by Harry Stinson. Mike Lawler added the horn ending, and Jeff Allen improvised on the outro.

    Writers’ comments: With a new set of lyrics for the verses, the Drmls felt they had improved the sentiment of the song. With a slower tempo it was easier to listen to as well as enjoy the lyrics and the vocals

  • Love Will Set You Free Tonight

    • The only other song appearing on both collections, this track underwent “modernizing” on the second go ‘round. Keyboard session wizard Mike Lawler played the 12-string guitar part and added an upbeat Marimba like pulse, along with the hip piano sound of the era and synth bed.
    • Chris took over the lead guitar performance with an “all over the neck”, tapping, two-hand rock solo.
    • Overdubs & Mixing took place at Audio Media with Rich Adler at the helm, Rocky Schnaars & Bob Wright assisting.

    Writers’ comments: Dan had a broken heart, he met a girl who had one too. Together they healed, he brought the song about their new love and the boys polished it up.!

  • Everyday Girls In Space

    • Thirty years ago the Drmls had boys & girls orbiting Planet Blue and brought all the fun and laughter with them.
    • This track was released as a “45rpm” single, Livin’ in the Ultra-Modern World was the “B” side.
    • Dan played a tight bass line and the funky keyboard part
    • Chris added another intergalactic guitar solo

    Writers’ comments: This song was meant to be pure fun. Although perhaps politically incorrect by today’s standards, at the time everyone was too busy having a good time to care about that kind of thing. The point was, space was to become so commonplace that all the usual stuff we joked about would be taking place in the weightless, fun-filled cosmos.

  • Into the Dreamlight

    • In the spring of 1986 along with Rich Adler & Dave Ferguson the Drmls returned Jack Clement’s Cowboy Arms to track this song and the remaining selections for SpaceTime.
    • Dave Humphries was on the cutting edge of digital drums and percussion and he programed this track for us at Cowboy’s.
    • Chris continued to experiment with the “two hand touch” and digital delay’s to create the electric guitar accompaniment and solos.
    • Dreamlight appeared later that year on the Nashville Rock compilation disc put out by the Nashville Music Association and the track won acclaim and recognition.

    Writers’ comments: Some call it the afterglow, the Drmls call it the Dreamlight. You can’t get there alone and it’s measured in moments, but to get there you must love together, and let the energy you create as one propel you high above the blue night.

  • Livin’ In the Ultra-Modern World

    • Another track recorded at the Cowboy Arms, in the spring of 1986, the “Spa” for short. It would be mixed by Rich & Rocky at Audio Media
    • Mike Lawler came in and added the ultra-modern keyboards and sound FX.
    • That’s hit songwriter, Jim Photoglo singing background vocals with the Drmls. It was an honor to have him on the record and to know such a wonderful, talented, funny, nice guy.
    • The topics & technology that are mentioned in the lyrics are now becoming a part of daily life.

    Writers’ comments: written thirty years ahead of time, this song has a light-hearted sense of humor that chronicles all our fun stuff. Intended to be a proclamation of joy and appreciation for being alive in the exciting tech-times where hilarious things are happening and life is a joy!!

  • I Can’t Wait to Kiss You

    • One of the more hard rockin’ songs in the Drmls catalog, the track started at the 1030 Music Group with John Wilde engineering & Harry Stinson on drums. Overdubs were done at Cowboy’s & Audio Media with Rick Adler & Rocky Schnaars. Drummer Kirby Shelstad played the funky keyboard part, with the Yamaha DX7, one of the first widely used digital keyboards.
    • Jeff’s vocal & Chris’ guitar set up a scorcher.
    • The song was selected as background music for a chase scene in one of the Police Academy movies, but wound up on the cutting room floor in the final edit.

    Writers’ comments: The eighties was a naughty and self-indulgent decade, often referred to as the “me” decade. There were a lot of social events and parties on Music Row and there was no shortage of bad behavior. This song was inspired by observation, not participation.

  • Rock You Down

    • Open, beat heavy, dance floor number. Dan laid down a tight bass part and then added a funky synth.
    • Combining funk and rock took hold in the eighties and the Drmls wanted to toss their hat in the ring.
    • While somewhat mindless and way out of the Drml wheelhouse, the song was a popular party song and placed very high on the college radio charts.

    Writers’ comments: Rock+Funk+Big Beat= Big Dance floor fun! The lyrics really only say one thing; “Let’s have fun, Let’s Rock”! It’s always nice to get away from reaching too deep for meaning and just get the folks up on their feet.

  • Knowing What I Know About You

    • The third in a series of harder edged rock/funk tunes had everyone getting in on the groove.
    • Kirby joined us again on the DX7. Adler & Schnaars added great studio effects.
    • Originally intended to feature a fade out, the runaway adlib at the end was a spontaneous studio event that everyone liked and so they kept it in as the ending.
    • The song was a finger waving, you’re not fooling anybody, I know what you’re up to number.

    Writers’ comments: Um, gossip anybody?,,,everybody?, everyone seems to delight in having the goods on someone else. Today people make a living, knowing what they know about you...Heaven help us.!

  • Out On A Wire

    • The ink wasn’t dry on this song when the Drmls brought it into the studio to add to the SpaceTime line-up.
    • With Jeff Allen’s strong pop/rock vocal ability and an interesting arrangement it added some “sing-song” to the balance of the record.
    • Rich Adler & Dave Ferguson cut the track at the Cowboy Arms and the overdubs were completed at Audio Media where it was mixed.

    Writers’ comments: A light-hearted, much needed night of intimacy turns to insecurity over the future of the relationship.  How quickly the heart can be confused and new lovers yearn to know where they stand. The “na-na-na-na” chant speaks to the feelings of the unanswered quest for validation between two lovers.

  • Leaving Your World Behind

    • The closing song on SpaceTime, a very important theme to the Drmls. Change is inevitable, are you ready?
    • Mike Lawler provided the beautiful sequencing and played piano.
    • A dramatic shift in the bridge completes the sentiment of the lyric.
    • You can see the earth getting smaller in your rear view mirror as you rocket through Space & Time, prepared for the universe to change around you.

    Writers’ comments: You don’t have to be traveling at the speed of light to face the sudden changes in your life. Embrace them, let go and ease your heart and mind. Those changes can come at what feels like the speed of light, so be ready every moment and don’t be afraid.